Sex is a strong human drive, giving more advantages than just species propagation. In addition to improving your mood, sex can even help you to live together as well as promoting men enhancement. Everyone is told about aphrodisiacs — foods that improve your sex drive. But what about the other way around? Look for “foods suppressing sex drive” on the Internet and you will find a number of paper lists of alleged an aphrodisiacs or foodstuffs that can suppress your libido. But the same can not be said for their opponents unlike aphrodisiacs, which have a certain scientific support to support their ability to improve sex. A long list of foods influencing testosterone or libido are available, but many of them are dependent on word-of-mouth or bad studies, “said Jasmin Brambhatt, MD, co-director of the PUR Clinic in Clermont, Florida. Dr. Brahmbhatt also says it is a good idea to comply with the’ Everything in moderation ‘ rule; he doesn’t hurt to note those foods before being intimate” “Do not believe everything you read.

Saturated Fats

Some of your favorite foods are fried high in saturated fat, but they may be delicious, but they are laden with saturated fats, according to Medline Plus, which contributes to obstruct arteries, poor blood flow, and increased weight. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, which naturally leads to your sex drive. “If you eat badly, you will have obesity and diabetes or hypertension problems, all that can affect your libido,” Dr. Brahmbhatt says. “Today is the perfect way of eating better for tomorrow’s happier sex life.” Red meat and cheese are also high in saturated fat.

Fatty acids

Not all fats are the same when it comes to sexual activity. One research in the Asian Journal of Andrology showed that the testicular function of omega-3 acids (fish oil, flaxseed, canola oils) was “positive to,” whereas the fatty acids omega-6 (sunflower, maize, soy oil) and trans (végétal, margarine hydrogen oils) seem to decrease in feature.


One more explanation for looking at your sodium intake is a flaccid sex drive. According to Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, salt and food high in this mineral can cause a high blood pressure that can kill your libido. Check for the signs that you eat too much salt.


Lower testosterone and high estrogen levels are likely to result from heavy drinking. This may influence the libido in combination, “Dr. Brahmbhatt says. And while your faith may be increased by a little boozy buzz to hit the bedroom, too much alcohol is depressive and sometimes it can make it more difficult… a hell… hard. Such signals may be too much for you to drink.


Sugar can affect the waistline and ultimately waste your time in the bedroom. “Sugars need to be treated with insulin. This steady increase in insulin is linked to low levels of testosterone, “Dr. Brahmbhatt said. Heavy carbohydrates like pasta can also become sugar which then raises the blood glucose and leads to more insulin in the pancreas. On day night, he says, “Get the pasta salad.” Have a daughter sweet? Learn how to start a sugar dependence without the sweet things missing.


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