Some of the Common Pitfalls to Avoid During Mobile App Development

The field of mobile app development is vast. Because it has been around for so many years, there are already plenty of resources that you can tap into. From learning the different programming languages and frameworks to the different tips and tricks, there are a lot of them that you can read either online or on paperbacks.

That being said, to fully understand what mobile app development entails, you must not only learn the ins and the outs of the mobile app development, but you will also have to learn the common pitfalls as well. Read further to find out what common mistakes are present in mobile app development and how you can avoid them.

  1. Too Elaborate and Complex UIs


Back in the early days of website development, people would always want to cram as many features that they want as possible. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. One, cramming everything in one page ensures that the options are available to the user from the moment they land on the page Second, web design standards were not really set yet and we might have been accustomed to getting everything immediately.

Well, that is also a pitfall in mobile app development as well. Many mobile app developers believe that by making their applications look extremely complex, that people would love using it. Well, the contrary is true.

People want simplicity. When people use mobile applications, they expect to see the feature that they want and use it immediately. They do not have the time to tinker with the app’s many settings and all they want is a simple solution that they can tap into whenever they fire up the app for the first time.

So, instead of creating an application with a convoluted UI, just create something that is aesthetically pleasing and some of your core features would need to be presented on the app’s main interface too.

  1. Creating for Too Many Platforms

Mobile app development is not cheap. Just creating an application with one or two core features will net you at least $3000! Adding way too many features and creating applications that will work on all mobile operating systems will be costly both for the developers and also for the companies as well.

The best approach would be that if you’re the client, you have to research on what your target audience uses the most and then go from there.

Once you’ve expanded your business, then and only then will it be feasible for you to create mobile applications for other platforms.

  1. Adding Way Too Many Features

Too much

Similar to the website example above, adding way too many features to your application will make your app less favorable to use than other options.

As an app developer, start with only 1-3 core features. This will make it ideal for you and your client since the time it takes for app development is far lesser than creating an application with more than 5 features.

Also, implementing only a couple of features will ensure that your application is quick to load up and so that the users can utilize it more readily.

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