Interior design is a multi-faceted career that centers on technical and creative solutions to establish a great interior environment.
All of these solutions are functional, and can improve the quality of culture and life of occupants. If a person wants his or her home to be aesthetically attractive, he or she can hire an interior design firm in Malaysia to do the job.

Designs should adhere to regulatory and code requirements, and then embrace the principles of environmental sustainability. The design process follows a well-coordinated, systematic methodology, including analysis, research and knowledge integration in the creative process. The needs of every client must be satisfied in order to come up with an interior space that fulfills the objectives.

Under the interior design umbrella includes services performed by a professional practitioner. These professional practitioners are qualified by means of examination, experience and education in order to improve and protect health, secure, life and welfare of the public.

Interior design task examples:

The confirmation that preliminary design concepts and space plans are functional, safe and aesthetically appropriate. They should meet all safety, public health and welfare requirements.

Selection of finishes, materials and colors to convey the interior design concept appropriately.

Specification and selection of fixtures, millwork, equipment and furniture pieces, including detailed product descriptions, and layout drawings. It also involves contract documentation, and furniture installation and procurement.

Analysis and research of the clients’ requirements and goals, and development of drawings, documents and diagrams.

Collaboration and coordination with other design professionals who can be retained to offer consulting services, from electrical engineers to architects.

Preparation of different construction documents, including elevations, plans, specifications and details. These are used to illustrate non-seismic partition layouts , and communications and power locations.

Career Opportunities

  • CAD specialist
  • Health care design
  • Sales designer
  • Hospitality design
  • Product designer
  • Residential design
  • Corporate design
  • Preservation & rehabilitation
  • Sales representative
  • Facilities management


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