The wedding venue

The wedding location sets the tone of the wedding event. Don’t hesitate to spend up front on a beautiful venue. As long as it’s worth the price, that’s okay. If the space is nice, you also don’t need to rent or purchase several wedding decorations.


Brilliant wedding lighting ideas can transform your special day. What is the use of grand tabletop designs and gorgeous flowers if you and your guests wouldn’t see them well? Focus on lighting to make the venue appear fabulous, regardless of its size.

Eye-Catching Wedding Details

We all want a beautiful wedding. At this day and age, having a beautiful wedding means investing on expensive decorations and trinkets. Are you dreaming of wearing beautiful tiaras? There are plenty of amazing bridal tiaras in Malaysia you can wear for your special day. There is nothing wrong with splurging on those things. It’s perfectly fine to splurge on focal pieces, from little tiaras to big-scale chandeliers.

Valet Service

Invest in this kind of service if your venue offers limited parking, and that 300 guests are attending the event. Never let your guests wait in line for over an hour just to get or park their cars.

Food and Beverage

Your favorite beverages and food can give your wedding a personalized vibe. Many couples are now splurging on cheeses, breads and oyster bars. If you are thinking of having a specialty bar, go ahead and invest on one.

Wedding Favors

If you have a big budget, it’s okay to spend a lot of wedding favors. Look for something that is worth the price. As much as possible, gear away from personalized items. No one would want to display a big flask with your initials and wedding date on it. Consider edible favors like cupcakes or macarons.