What exactly is infringement letter?

It is a letter that is sent from an attorney to ask a person to refrain from engaging in illegal activities. Receiving one can come as shock. May people don’t expect purchasing a domain name, and managing a website to equate to something illegal. However, even if you are implementing top web hosting services, if you have the wrong name, it can be really serious.

If the domain name you are using infringes on an existing trademark, then you will lose it entirely, and end up in court.

Why does utilizing a trademark in my domain name illegal?

Utilizing a trademark in a domain name can potentially misrepresent entire brand, including your products and services. If a person visits your web pages thinking that he or she is visiting the website of another company who owns that trademark in your domain name, they might buy items under the impression that they are purchasing products from that business.

What do I need to check in order to avoid trademark disputes?

Domain names which are very memorable are very likely to become trademark protected. A term or word that has previously been utilized in advertising of any kind is also likely to become trademarked. If your domain name has been used before, then it can also be under trademark protection.

What if a domain owner an ‘Infringement Letter’?

If a website owner ignores an infringement letter, then he or she will be at the mercy of the vast legal system of the nation in which you operate. In the event that you can’t be traced, some organizations have the power to organize an arbitration panel, and then decide whether your domain name should be given to the trademark owner. This happens in most cases.

So, ignoring an infringement letter means ending up in court, and losing a domain name.

How can you avoid trouble?

Keep your domain name generic. The more generic it is, the less likely it is to be trademarked.