A lot of parents actually want to hold their babies throughout the majority of the day, but the reality is that you also have to do a lot of things as well. That is why a baby carrier is definitely something that is worth your money, simply because you can keep your baby close while your hands are free to do whatever you need to do during the day.

In today’s article, I will go over some of the best baby carriers that I’ve personally reviewed so that you can buy them in 2019.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

The company, BabyBjorn, is actually one of those companies that are renowned to create comfortable baby carriers that are sturdy enough until your baby reaches toddlerhood.

That being said, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier is indeed one of the most comfortable carriers in the market today and what I love is that it is pretty easy to adjust even when your baby is already inside the carrier.
The main material is made of soft fabric that doesn’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and because of its durable construction, you can expect to use this product for a couple of years.

MiaMily 360

This is quite a versatile baby carrier in that you can put your baby either on the front of you, the back, or even just below your chest and on your hip.

This provides maximum comfort both for the parents and babies. The very adjustable carrier just makes it sure that no matter what you intend to do, your baby will remain securely in place without a problem.

Onya Outback

Made with soft fabrics, the Onya Outback is very adjustable to the point that you can easily slide your baby in and out of the carrier.

Since it doesn’t come with all of the sliders and straps that you typically find in more robust carriers, you can easily adjust the position of your baby depending on your need and preference.

Ergobaby 4-Way Baby Carrier

As the product name implies, this particular carrier gives you the freedom to put your baby in four different positions while you are carrying them.

Like Babybjorn carriers, Ergobaby has been known as a company that creates reliable, durable, and comfortable carriers so the brand, alone, should persuade you to make the purchase.

LILLEBaby All-Seasons Carrier

Made with durable materials, this sturdy carrier not only allows you to put your baby in various positions but it can also be used no matter what the season is.

You can take a leisurely stroll during the summer months and it also comes with a mesh hood that you can put on during the cold days.
This is definitely one of the most versatile baby carriers that you can find on the market today, but keep in mind that when it comes to the price, it is also at the top of the list.